Navasota, Texas


The Best In Texas PRS Match sponsored by Leupold is a two day Precision Rifle Series Points Match that is designed around the shooter experience.

Expect a fair course of fire with targets, solid props and well thought out stages that new and experienced shooters will enjoy. Shooters will experience Texas hospitality like no other PRS match with homemade hot lunches both days and bottled water at stages. This match will test your ability to engage targets at various distances out to 1100 yards with different directions of fire. Most targets will be in the 2-3 MOA range. All shooters are welcome to shoot and check dope out to 1100 yards on all open areas of the range of Friday from 1000-1500.

This well staffed match will be smooth and efficient. Expect 18 squads of 10 or less shooters with 18 stages open both days. Shooters will shoot 12-13 stages on day 1 and 5-6 stages on day 2. Expect to be finished shooting by noon on day 2 so you will have time to travel on Sunday.

While you are welcome to bring whatever equipment you like, the match will be designed with the use of a bipod and bag or two. No Tripod support will be allowed on any stage. The course of fire will be 200 rounds or less. There will be no pistol.